Five things I have learned from camping – #1: Tearing down takes half the time…

Having been camping for a couple of days, we packed up today in half the time it took us to set up camp. Setting up camp, you consider the amount of shade, the distance from the bathroom, proximity to playground equipment/swimming pool if you have kids (if you don’t, you maximize the distance!), access to a tap and braai, a working electrical point…the list continues. Easily two hours later, the tent is pitched, everything is in its place and it is time to sit down with a cold one.

Breaking camp – 30 minutes tops. In a way it is logical, you don’t have to think and plan and consider, you rip out pegs, fold up stuff and pack it all into your vehicle (or caravan, in our case) until the camp site is clear. Everything is dirty, everything will get home to be washed / folded / cleaned / ready for the next trip.

The same goes for tearing down anything else – knowingly or unsuspectedly. Ripping through anything until there is nothing left is so easy, compare to the hard work that goes into building it up in the first place. You can throw everything you worked for in a year away when you clutch out on the exam / competition. Or in a single argument with a best friend, you can tear up years of friendship. Or with one ill considered comment, cause a huge rift in a relationship with a partner / family member. Ridiculously easy to do, very hard to fix.

Before you tear down…Stop. Pause. Consider. Do all the thinking you put into setting up the campsite, in reverse, so you do not inadvertently throw away what you have spent years creating.

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