Plan like a Pro!

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Having raised two daughters to young adulthood, I have recently helped them with planning a move to a first flat and planning a wedding. I realized that my girls (despite spending a lot of time with me, a project manager – go figure!) have very little planning skills – and even less budgeting skills! I have put together this interactive course that will teach you, with the help of 8 exercises, how to plan just about anything in your life, whether you are aiming at a new job, want to move house / town / country, or are planning the family re-union. At the end of the day you will have a plan, a budget, and a timeline for your own planning issue.

Sounds like something you want to know more about? Look at, or drop me a line on or 082-550-1503 and I will be in touch! Feel free to pass on to friends who might be interested as well.

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