Why did I become a life coach?

Three years ago, I was put in charge of a large team of strong personalities with strong views. At the same time, the company I worked for changed their performance management model, with weekly check-ins between manager and team member, as well as a strong focus on pursuing your own goals inside the context of the bigger goal. For example, the organization’s goal was “Prove everything with data”. My team’s goal in that context was “To source and depict accurate data around severity one incidents in the IT estate”. A team member’s goal, in the context of the above, would be “Establish a bond with the service management team and get their data source for the past 2 years, as well as current”.

With the weekly check-ins, and being a bunch of project managers, we broke the above goals down into weekly steps. And right there, I became a coach, instead of a manager.

Not just checking that things got done. No, giving ideas and alternatives tips on how to go about doing things, encouraging, cheering when things were going well, trying to motivate when things were looking bleak. Then my team grew. And I grew.

I realized that I like helping people become more, better, high achievers. I liked being part of someone growing, becoming. I did a coaching course. Or four. Started reading about coaching, following blogs. Realized that if I was to build a coaching practice, I would need a website, and a blog. I started those in October 2018, meaning to build my coaching practice on the side. Life had other ideas, and I became a full time coach / facilitator / writer in November 2018.

That was 9 months ago. Here I am, owner of a website (www.coach-ignite.com), my own coaching practice (Coach to Ignite!) and blogger. Building my practice, one blog at a time.

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