Five quotes to live your life by #5

“I will be a warrior, so my son can be a merchant, so his son can be a poet” – John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams was an American president (1825 – 1829), ambassador and senator. He was the eldest son of John Adams, 2nd president of the USA. Outspoken in his opposition to slavery and in support of freedom of speech, and passionate about the future of the fledgling United States of America, he contested and won a highly controversial election, but only served one term as president.

This quote speaks to me on several different levels. If you look at the different roles mentioned, that of warrior, merchant and poet, I cannot help but see myself as a poet – I have after all published poetry and earn my living writing. In this role, this quote makes me thankful for all my parents and grandparents did, in the wars they participated in, in the work they have put in, to enable me to live a life free of war and conflict. On the other hand, I also see myself as the warrior, battling unknown and powerful forces, to leave the world a better place for my children, and the children they will one day have.

Today our battles are not so much on the physical level, but on the emotional level. My chosen battlefields are in recycling, and in alleviating poverty in a way that is sustainable for my family. I am constantly reminded, however, that there are people who give so much more of themselves, whether that is time, money or effort, than I do. Every now and then I do ask myself – is there more I can do, additional actions I can take, time and money that I can give to the causes I have chosen to support? If you do not do this, you become complacent, and over time your effort and contributions become slower, feebler, less tangible.

What are YOU doing today, to ensure that YOUR children do not have to go back to being warriors? ���R

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