Five things I have learned from camping – #2 : Be practical

When we go camping, it is more often than not in some of South Africa’s game reserves. In these reserves, the gates open at a specific time and close at a specific time, according to the seasons and the time of sunrise and sunset. This is where my husband’s Scottish ancestry comes out – he firmly believes that one should wring the last drop out of every moment you can spend in the park. We are often out there, driving around or visiting picnic spots and hides, for entire days at a time.

If you have long hair, you know how the wind can whip tendrils of your hair out of the tightest ponytail, especially when driving with the windows open. In my case, where I have a LOT of hair, it is even worse. Those whipped tendrils really start to HURT after an hour or two, never mind 8 or 10.

Over time, I have experimented with different options – one plait, two plaits, one French braid, two French braids, multiple braids, pigtails and a hat, one ponytail and a golf cap, a kerchief like a pirate – the list is endless. On different holidays, different solutions work, depending on the length of my hair. Depending on my level of boredom on any given day, I also go for different options.

What does happen frequently is that I forget what particular strange configuration I have tried out on that day, when we get out of the car at bird hides or picnic spots. I get fairly odd looks with my pirate kerchief, or my multiple braids, that I can tell you. Even the multiple French braids, as in the picture above, causes second looks. But I do not particularly care, as I am comfortable with no wisps of hair tickling my forehead and cheeks for hours on end. My strange experiments work for me, on a practical level.

Next time you are camping, especially in a game reserve, and you see a woman of a certain age, with multiple configurations of braids or a pirate kerchief, you will know what the others don’t – she is just being practical. Or weird.

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