About Coach to Ignite!

Hello, my name is Monica. A project manager by training, I have worked in corporate life for most of my career, planning and creating new things for my employers. I am a natural at breaking things down into manageable steps.  Over time I have became an expert at creating structured, functional plans to reach my own, my team or my companies’ goals.

 ​At home the journey was not always straight forward. We moved cities multiple times. I faced a divorce, became a single parent, had a business that failed. I became clinically depressed. I had to rebuild a career from scratch.

 I survived.

 I know first-hand how hard and overwhelming life can be. What changed my life was adding in the right mindset, and having someone in my corner.

 The right mindset propelled me forward. Because I could follow my plan and spend way less time managing my anxiety and perfectionism. Having someone who cheered me on, held me accountable and celebrated with me, was another life changer.

 I want to be that person for you, as your life coach.

 Someone you can talk to in a safe, non-judgmental space. Someone who is in your corner when you plan and strategize. Someone who helps with different perspectives. Someone who will be proud of you and all that you accomplish. Someone who will celebrate with you when you hit some of those goals.

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