Business Coaching

Working with you in your business, I bring all this experience, as well as specific business coaching techniques, to the table to help you plan and start any new initiative / idea / product, or even just overhaul an existing idea or business model.

As an expert planner, I have started the following:

  • 174 projects
  • 45 programmes (groupings of related projects)
  • five departments
  • two businesses
  • one Programme Management Office
  • one financial product
  • one joint venture company

My strength lies in planning, organizing, systemizing and structuring your world, whether around a new or an existing business idea. I will help you automate the routine tasks you are responsible for, outsource what you can, and create a system for getting through all the daily slog so that you have more time for the creative side of your business.

I will help you set out your requirements, find or create tools that work for you in getting through your work, and act as your accountability partner in getting new systems implemented in your business.

Business coaching is very individual to your needs and environment – contact me with your problem and we will work out a way to work together, faster and more productively! Let me help you take control of your time, days and be more focused, organised and productive!

Contact me on or 082-550-1503 for an initial chat.